Sign-On Letters Work!

Why sign-on letters?

Sign-on letters are a call for the people to take action and join us in the fight for equality by visibly showing support. Sign-on letters will provide a brief description of the bill or policy that is currently on the table. Some recent letters are the "Civil Rights Acts to include farmworker women" and"The Farm Bill Equity." The Civil Rights Acts to include farmworker women is a call to action from a member organization – Alianza Nacional de Campesinas – to expand Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to include protections to domestic and farmworker women. Alianza address many vital issues such as health risk, sexual exploration, and sexual assault women farmworkers face in our nation. The Farm Bill Equity sign on informs people about the Equity and Access bill in 2018, an encourages them to join us in support. The Bill will include full funding for the Supplement Nutritional Assistance Program and will expand farm livelihoods as an economic base of communities.

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