Protecting Our Vote #GoVote

A message from the Rural Coalition: Protect the Vote,

Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018

 UPDATE: Tues AM – Some of our members have reported broken voting machines at the polls.

Google Trends has reported the top trending tweet on Google now is “Dónde votar” = Where to Vote.

Take these numbers with you to the polls and share them with friends and family. Report any problems, and if you have any difficulty voting, do not leave the polls without casting a provisional ballot.

Dear Rural Coalition Members and Allies, 

Most of you reading this will have likely already voted, plan to vote, or are currently working to help others to vote. We encourage you to:

 1) Vote today like our society depends on you! It does! For why, we are sharing these powerful words from Oprah Winfrey last week in Georgia:

OPRAH WINFREY: All of us may have been created equal, but if you're woke, if you're woke just a little bit, you have the sense to know that everybody is not treated equally. The reality is we see injustices big and small all around us every single day of our lives...

Every single one of us, every single one of us has the same power at the polls. And every single one of us has something that if done in numbers too big to tamper with cannot be suppressed and cannot be denied. As our civil rights predecessors used to say, 'We shall not be moved.' ...

For anybody here who had an ancestor who did not have the right to vote ... Honor your right to citizenship... *  


2) Protect the Vote – Yours and Others’!

 If you have already voted, thank you!

 If not, or if you are working to get the vote out, visit this important link (and take it with you to the polls) to learn when, where, or how to vote in your locality: 

or Call 866-OUR-VOTE or Text "Our Vote" to 97779


And here is a special message from our chairperson, John Zippert, who has decades of experience: “If you (or others) have a problem at the polls - insist on voting a Provisional Ballot! Do not leave without voting; the provisional ballot gives the opportunity to resolve "voters list mistakes" after the election but in time to have your vote counted, especially in close elections”

After casting a Provisional Ballot, be sure to resolve any denial immediately. To learn what to do if you have trouble voting, go to  or Call 866-OUR-VOTE or Text "Our Vote" to 97779

Thank you for honoring those who struggled to win voting rights by using your right to vote!

 In Cooperation,

 The Board,Staff and Members of the Rural Coalition


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