Our Briefs & Reports


Equity Advances in the 2018 Farm Bill: Special Report (January 2019)

2018 Farm Bill Provides Fair Access for Farmers and Ranchers Act: Special Report (January 2019)

Stories of Resilience, Self-Reliance and Empowerment: Report (2018)

100 Farmers Summit - Report: Addressing the Needs and Concerns of the Underserved Minority Family Farming Community (2017)

Small Farm Digest: Critical Needs of Small Farmers and Ranchers, Vol. 17 (2015)

The Rural Coalition Honors our Founding Mother, Patricia Bellanger on Her Spirit Journey (2015)

Outreach and Assistance Program for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers: Policy Briefing (2014)

Hunger and Housing in Rural America: Challenges and Opportunities — Lorette Picciano (2013)

Hunger and Housing in Rural America: Intersecting Challenges and Solutions, Rural Voices, Volume 18: Edition 3 (2013)

Rural Coalition’s “A Movement In Time” Timeline (1977-2012)

A Time to Change: A Report by the Assessments Conversations Team (2010)

High Tunnels for Socially Disadvantaged Producers: A Farm Bill Success Story (2010)


Campaign for a Just Food and Farm Policy: Policy Briefing with Federation of Southern Cooperatives and Missouri Rural Crisis Center (2001)

Mission Statement, Principles, and Goals (2001)

Raising the Rural Voice: A Preliminary Report on Agricultural Policy Focus Groups (2001)


Farmworker Issues for USDA (1997)

NAFTA and Rural Coalition Informational Booklet (1994)

The Land is Home: Article by Lorette Picciano (1992)

Hunger and Housing in Rural America, by Lorette Picciano (2013).

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