Latina Farmworkers Unite in Washington for Justice

Alianza Nacional de Campensinas held their first annual meeting from October 2-October 4 here in D.C. These women came as leaders from their communities to voice the concerns and needs of women farmworkers across the country. Alianza Nacional de Campensinas is a newly formed coalition that has the objective of “raising the visibility of Campesinas and their plight at the national level” in doing so they hope to increase advocacy for farmworkers at the national level as well. Topics this group focuses on include; violence and sexual abuse against women, immigration reform, women’s health and wellness and labor laws and worker’s rights.

In addition to meetings discussing strategies to improve their communities, the Campensinas also had the ability to speak directly with their district Representatives. This time around about 20 women had the opportunity to tour Capitol Hill and speak with a number of Congressmen and Congresswomen, but future plans suggest up to 120 Campensinas making their way to Capitol Hill.

These brave and powerful women told the stories that many farmworker women are facing today. Their stories ranged from birth abnormalities due to pesticide exposure, domestic violence and the lack of educational resources in their communities. The stories were truly inspirational as well as eye opening to the injustice that takes place here in the U.S.

I look forward to the future and continuing work with the Alianza Nacional de Campensinas and their mission on justice for women, their communities and farmworkers.