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The Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural is an alliance of farmers, farmworkers, indigenous, migrant and working people from the United States, Mexico, Canada and beyond working together toward a new society that values unity, hope, people and the land.

We have worked since 1979 toward two long term goals:

  1. Development and implementation of progressive policies responsive to rural needs
  2. Development of the capacities of rural organizations and people to work effectively to sustain institutional and systemic change.


The Rural Coalition is committed to promoting the long-term viability of rural communities. To this end, the coalition advocates progressive national policies and programs that are responsive to the unique needs of rural communities.  Our guiding principles and goals to which all coalition members subscribe are:

  1. Justice and equal opportunity are the right of all people regardless of race, sex, or place of residence.
  2. All rural people are entitled to the goods and services essential to a decent quality of life, including education, health and employment services, housing and basic community facilities.  They are also entitled to democratic community institutions dedicated to serving their interests.
  3. The long-term viability of rural communities rests on effective control and use of resources by the people living in rural areas, including family farmers, local business people and working people of all walks of life.
  4. Community-based organizations are instrumental in the development of rural communities.  Public policy should encourage their growth and strength.
  5. The federal government has the responsibility to ensure the rights of all citizens and to help secure the fulfillment of these rights.

These principles of unity guide our work not only on changing and improving policies that impact lives, but also on economic and cooperative alternatives that bring resources to our communities.


With your Friends of the Rural Coalition membership you form part of a long-standing and growing community that:

  • Confront structural injustices in policies, programs and delivery of government services;
  • Share skills, encouragement and strategies; seek and leverage resources to support their organizations and their work;
  • Make government entities more responsive;
  • Support one another in local and global struggles.
  • Communicate regularly via email updates, action alerts, newsletters  and more
  • Share invites and scholarships and grants to participate in annual forums, conferences, workshops and more


As a Friendof the Rural Coalition membership, we ask that you:

  • Uphold the RC Principles within the Rural Coalition and in your work and communities.
  • Submit your name (bio and photo optional) for the RC Membership Directory.
  • Actively participate in at least one RC membership committee on an annual basis.
  • Pay dues on a yearly basis appropriate to your category levels and help when possible to raise funds and share resources with the RC community.
  • Share updates, information, photos, events and/or articles about your work and community achievements with RC's main office to be shared via newsletters, website, and calendars and other RC communications material for the community.
  • Participate as part of a delegation including youth and women, to the Annual RC Winter Forum in Washington, D.C. and the Bi-Annual National Rural Gathering (hosted by a member organization).


Please do not forget to sign up to at least one Rural Coalition Committee by sending an email to with your committee preference(s) and organizational contact information.  (Committees teleconference on a bi-monthly or per needed basis.)

Membership Community Committee - Develop and strengthen our Membership Community, reaching out to new and existing members in innovative ways that invite them to rejoin, join and actively participate in the RC Community as a member or Friend of the Rural Coalition.

Fundraising Committee - Coordinate and collaborate with the RC community, committee leads, allies, sponsors and Friends of the Rural Coalition to raise funds, resources, in-kind contributions, and scholarships to contribute to the goals, programs and long-standing sustainability of the RC community.

Farm and Ranch Team – Defines the best ways for the Rural Coalition to address the needs and aspirations of farmers and ranchers and works cooperatively to ensure equitable access to all programs.

RC Policy Committee –Represents RC in the GOAT (Getting Our Act Together) process, on the policy subcommittees, shape and provides input to the overall policy efforts of Rural Coalition.

Women’s Advisory Team –Leads efforts in RC to represent the issues of women farmers and farmworkers, as well as rural women and women in the full agriculture and food system.

Global Citizenship School -Focuses on global rights and responsibilities of citizenship and civic engagement using popular education, exchange and people to people research,history and action.

Young Farmers and Farmworkers Youth League –Assures the needs and aspirations of youth within all RC member groups are reflected in the work of the RC. Extends opportunities for youth leadership and development.

Global Food and Earth Justice Solidarity Team Coordinates our efforts at the global scale and report on our work with La Via Campesina, Economic Solidarity, Climate Justice, Trade and other issues that affect our global community.


Your organizational dues support the shared work of our members and are evidence of our mutual solidarity to help one another, as we are able. We ask that each member of the organization pay annual dues at the appropriate dues level.

New and Returning Friends of the Rural Coalition - Annual Dues

Thank you for joining Rural Coalition as a Friend. We look forward to communicating with you throughout the year to share our goals and accomplishments.

Please also consider making a contribution below, so we can continue to build the movement.

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