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August 22, 2019

Dear Members, Friends, and Allies,

The National Latino Farmers & Ranchers Trade Association is pleased to announce the convening of the First Annual National Latino Farm & Ranch Congress, November 1st & 2nd, 2019 at the Isleta Resort & Casino, Isleta, New Mexico.

The theme for this event is, “La Cosecha-Harvest.”

We are inviting you to celebrate “la cosecha” (the harvest) with us because of your connection to agriculture. Together, we are building solution-oriented approaches to food systems and creating change from the bottom up for the future.

We will engage ourselves on themes such as: Native Traditional Agriculture; Conservation; Land Stewardship; Seed Heritage; Cultural Resilience; International Trade; NAFTA (aka USMCA); Immigration; Forest Health, Water Protection; Pollinators; GMO Free Zones; Infrastructure Remediation, among other relevant agricultural farm, ranch and food systems issues.

It is our belief that by working together, Latino farmers and ranchers, farmworkers, tribes, and rural communities will provide an equitable chance not only to survive, but also to ultimately thrive and prosper to improve our economy, families and lives.

We ask you to seriously consider our invitation for your participation.  Your voice is critical as we assemble dynamic practitioners, visionaries and change makers to engage one another collectively to find better answers to the many challenges that we face.

For more information and registration scroll down, or click here.


Rudy Arredondo, President/CEO/Founder

National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Trade Association


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