Our Policy Work: Rooted in Our Grassroots Solutions

Rural Coalition/Coalición Rural has served as a voice of African-American, American Indian, Asian-American, Euro-American and Latino farmers, farmworkers, and rural communities in the US, as well as indigenous and campesino groups in Mexico and beyond for 40 years.

With our members, we engage in an integrated program of public policy monitoring, technical assistance, capacity-building, participatory collaborative research, and education so that together we may secure the best possible federal policy outcomes and forge innovative, community-driven solutions with the grassroots communities we serve.

Our mission is to build an equitable and sustainable food system that is beneficial to people of color, small farmers, rural and tribal communities. Along with establishing fair and just working conditions for farmworkers, we are dedicated to protecting the environment and enhancing our communities by fighting for legislation that ensures that we all — everyone, everywhere — are guaranteed healthy food, safe housing and working conditions, and access to healthcare among other services needed for community well-being.

It’s a farm bill year. One of the ways that we can advance and reach our collective goals, every five years, is through direct policy work with Congress to produce a just and fair Farm Bill. This work is only effective if we work together. Stay informed. Sign up for RC updates. And show up for Equity and Justice in Food and Farm Policy!